That ugly scale on the surface of my sous vide machine! What can i do that?

How can we remove the ugly and disgusting scale on the surface of our sous vide machine? Here's two solution to remove the scale!



  1. Vinegar. Can be found in all household! If the scale already put on the surface, pour 2 - 2.5 dl 15% vinegar into the sous vide bath. Set the sous vide machine temperature to 70 - 75 °C (160F - 168F), and wait 60 minutes. When the time elapsed, you are done! Just pour out the water, and pour clean water into the machine. Downside is this procedure the smell of the vinegar!
  2. Citric acid: Maybe better than vinegar. Use ½ tablespoon to 5 liters water. The rest is same, as the previous procedure. Just pour some water, dissolve the lemon acid, and set the sous vide bath temperature to 70 - 75 °C (160F - 168F).


this procedure doesn't damage the machine, and completely environmental friendly! Hope, this help you clean the scale!


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